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Manglik hone ke 5 bade fayde

Manglik Hone Ke Fayde – 5 Reasons to Embrace Your Manglik Dosh


Manglik hona ek jyotish vigyan me pramukh tathya hai jiska bade maayane hote hain shaadi aur jeevan par. Jab kisi vyakti ka janam Kundli me Mangal grah apne kuch specific sthano par sthit hota hai, use Manglik dosh kehte hain. Haalanki, is dosh ko shubh ya ashubh hone par kuchh vyakti alag-alag vichar karte hain, lekin Manglik hone ke bhi apne khaas fayde hote hain.

1. Sashakti aur Sankalp

Manglik vyakti ka vyavhaar aur vichaar sashakt ho jaata hai. Unmein saahas aur sankalp ki bhaavana adhik hoti hai. Is se unki safalta aur pragati me sudhar hota hai.

2. Vairaagy Aur Samarthya

Manglik vyakti me vairaagy aur samarthya ka gun adhik hota hai. Ve jivan ke kashto aur pareshaniyo ka samna karne me saksham hote hain. Is se unki icchaon aur lakshyaon ki prapti me madad milti hai.

3. Samriddhi Aur Safalta

Manglik hone se vyakti ki karyashakti me vriddhi hoti hai. Ve apne kaam me utna mehnat aur lagan dikhate hain, jo unhe samriddhi aur safalta prapt karne me madad karti hai.

4. Raksha Aur Suraksha

Manglik vyakti ko sthirta aur suraksha ka ahsaas hota hai. Ve apne parivaar ke liye samarpit hote hain aur unki suraksha me lage rehte hain. Is se unke rishte aur parivar me prem aur vishwas ka vatavaran bana rehta hai.

5. Sahayog Aur Samajhdaari

Manglik vyakti me sahayog aur samajhdaari ki bhavna adhik hoti hai. Ve apne jeevan saathi aur parivaar ke saath ek milan ka ahsaas rakhte hain. Is se unke jeevan me sukh aur samriddhi ka sanchar hota hai.


Manglik hone ke bade fayde hote hain jo vyakti ki suraksha, sashakti, sahayog aur samarthya ko badhate hain. Haalanki, yeh fayde kisi bhi vyakti par depend karte hain ki unka Mangal grah kis sthiti me sthit hai. Jyotish vigyaan se margdarshan aur sahi upaayon se Manglik vyakti apne jeevan ko safalta aur khushiyo se bhar sakte hain.

How to Know When You Will Get a Government Job from Your Date of Birth

Discovering Your Government Job Timing through AstrologyDiscovering Your Government Job Timing through Astrology


Securing a government job is a dream for many individuals due to its stability, benefits, and security. If you are aspiring to land a government job and are curious about when it may happen, astrology can offer insights based on your date of birth. By examining planetary positions and astrological combinations, you can gain an understanding of the potential timing and favorable periods for government job opportunities.

Role of Astrology in Predicting Government Job Timing

Astrology, the study of celestial bodies and their influence on human lives, provides valuable guidance in various aspects of life, including career predictions. By analyzing your birth chart, which maps the exact planetary positions at the time of your birth, astrologers can interpret the potential for government job opportunities.

Key factors considered in predicting government job timing:

  • 10th House: The 10th house in the birth chart represents career and profession. The placement and influence of planets in this house are analyzed to assess the potential for government job opportunities.
  • Saturn: Saturn, the planet of discipline and perseverance, is closely associated with government jobs. Its placement in the birth chart, along with its aspects and transits, is considered to determine the timing of government job prospects.
  • Ascendant Lord: The ruling planet of the ascendant or the first house is also taken into account. Its placement and association with the 10th house can provide insights into career-related matters, including government job prospects.
  • Dasha and Bhukti: The planetary period and sub-periods (dasha and bhukti) are crucial in timing career events. The dasha and bhukti of favorable planets associated with government jobs can indicate potential job opportunities.

Consulting an Astrologer

For a more personalized analysis of your birth chart and government job prospects, it is recommended to consult a professional astrologer. They can provide detailed insights into the specific planetary influences and periods that are favorable for government job opportunities based on your date of birth. An astrologer can also offer remedies and guidance to enhance your chances of success in securing a government job.


Astrology offers a unique perspective on career predictions, including the timing of government job opportunities. While astrology can provide insights and probabilities, it is important to remember that personal effort, qualifications, and external factors also play a significant role in securing a government job. Utilize astrology as a guiding tool, but also focus on continuous learning, skill development, and perseverance to increase your chances of achieving your career goals.